How to play Casino 바카라사이트  Daisai

In the Tai-Sai game, the number or combination of numbers bet by the player
If the delegates match the sum of the dice mixed into the shaker container

at a fixed dividend rate
It's a game where you can get a dividend.

If the delegates mix the three dice using a shake, the player will be able to determine the number of dice and
In anticipation of the combination,

It is to match the sum of each die.

Players buy chips from the game table to participate in the game

You can walk within the predetermined betting position.

After the player's bet has been completed, the delegate will be able to find a place in a transparent glass container
Start mixing the three dice using an electric automatic.

When the shaker stops working, the dealer opens the lid of the shaker
After the sum of the three dice numbers and numbers inside is known,

To display the Winning Number on the electronic display in the game table,
Press the button.

If the dice are overlapped or the numbers of each die are difficult to read,

Delegates to declare a No Game and invalidate the game.

Delegates to take the chips first in the area where they have not won,

The chips in the winning zone are paid according to the winning dividend rate.

Due to the dealer's mistake, the number of dice inside the shake and

If the numbers on the electronic display do not match, correct them to match the number of dice.

Until all players have been awarded,

Alternatively, no new bets may be made until the dealer is invited to bet the next game.
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