According to scientists who study 바카라사이트 , the world has about 6,000 different games
It is said that there is a play.

About 3,600 of them are said to have been created by the Chinese or transmitted by the Chinese.

The origin of the Tai-Sai game is that a subordinate in charge of the finances of the Empress Han
The fact that he misappropriated public money is on the verge of being revealed.

This is because there was a message from the central government that they would come to audit.

The servant came up with a trick when there was no way to fill the public purse.

He invented Daisai with a very easy game of three dice.

The game was easy to learn and the chances of winning were high, so it was suitable for Chinese tastes.

Through this game, this servant was able to make up for all the money he had embezzled

Many people who have played the game themselves have been able to make money by going to neighboring countries.

Among the Chinese games, the games that are often used in Las Vegas casinos in the U.S
There are several kinds

It includes Daisai, Kino, Pai Kau, Pai Kau Poker, and Super Pang 9.

The characteristic of the game invented by the Chinese people is that House has a better chance of winning than Western games
They say it's far higher.

The Daisai game is also called "Big & Small".

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